Advanced Body Therapy training

13/11/2019 - 23/11/2019



Advanced Body Therapy Training with Moumina and Agni

Based on the understanding of the Body Types, this training will be a master class teaching Moumina and Agni’s unique way of working with bodies. As a participant you will bring your passion for whatever form of bodywork or talking therapy you practise and the teachers will bring their vast depth of experience in body therapy. 

Bodies tell stories. With experience and practise they tell rich, deep and important stories. Understanding these messages and feeding them back to the client achieves a profound level of healing empathy. You will learn the skills to do this.

  • You will also learn about how you react to each body type and develop new skills for the particular problems that each type presents you with.
  • We will help you to understand your characteristic counter-transference with clients based on your own body type and learn to avoid the pitfalls and blind alleys that it can be so easy to fall into.
  • You will be invited, if you wish, to discuss clients who are really difficult for you and gain insight from a ‘Body Types’ viewpoint.

We work by intuiting two things from the body. One is the story the body tells of how life has been. The other is where the potential for opening is right now. We bring both of these into the client’s awareness and from there support a new  unfolding and expansion. The body feels a friendship in being seen that invites relaxation and an energetic shift.

This process utilises knowledge of the Body Types but is essentially an intuitive process. So this training will be focused on bringing out and deepening your own intuition. 

This adds another dimension to what you already doing, for example breath-work, massage or counselling. It will help you to trust the creativity of your moment to moment response with your clients.

The Body Types is one of the deepest and most effective forms of understanding, useful in all forms of bodywork and other therapy.

Pre-requisite is participation in any training that teaches Lowen’s 5 Body Types. Participants who have not done our own training will be given a copy of our notes.

For our clients the foundation of healing is sensitivity, acceptance and safety and these qualities will also be the climate of this training. We welcome you equally whether you are a very new practitioner or already highly experienced. 


Dates: November 13-23 2019 

Early bird discount for deposits received by May 1st 2019

More information: email Madhupran