Inner Man Inner Woman Training

15/11/2021 - 21/11/2021

Osho Miasto


Man and woman are different—and that is of course a blessing. But the contrast between their two natures can also be a source of problems in relationship, and not only with your outer partner but also between the masculine and feminine polarities inside yourself.

This training course will bring your two sides clearly into view, so that you know them better than before. You will be finding out what holds meaning or significance for each of them—enough that they would like to devote their energy to its realization. Subsequently you can observe whether they are moving forward in fulfilling their priorities or they are at a stand-still, obstructed in some way.

Typically one of your two sides is choosing how life goes and—as could be expected—finding some reward, in terms of its own values. And typically the other side is choosing less or not choosing at all. Naturally, it does not feel rewarded when outer circumstances always seem to favor the other polarity. This accidental domination of one side and submission of the second side can be the root of an inexplicable dissatisfaction that plagues almost everyone.

In this course, both of your two sides learn what it means to be present, and presence is the key to resolving any difficulties between them. The dominant side often is not present because it has been so intent on achieving something that it has grabbed all the available space, time, and energetic resources; it has not considered the relationship enough. The submissive side often is not present because of giving its energy away to “help” the other one be successful. Once these two errors are corrected, the second side can use its own energy to create and enjoy the life it really wants, and dissatisfaction ends.

Usually we imagine that to balance our polarities, both need to compromise. This training will show you the opposite, that to balance your polarities, each one needs to be total and true to its own nature. Then the love between them is spontaneous, because they each carry an energy that is attractive to the other. And what’s more, in that very instant when they relax into enjoying each other’s company, the same change appears miraculously with your partner on the outside.