Renewu Nature Retreat

01/04/2019 - 20/06/2019

Over The Edge Farm


Are you swept away by your everyday life, overwhelmed by situations, or feel you’ve lost yourself in daily routine? This retreat specifically focusses on refreshing your spirit by deep and gentle engagement with the spirit of nature.

Here at the Over-The-Edge our team have unique ways of helping you to interact in depth with the landscape in an easy and joyful way.First we help you to find a place on our land that is exactly the right spot for you – a place that touches your heart, where you feel stronger or calmer, at home, connected or understood. Let’s call this your ‘nature re-source’. Based on this you will have a nature constellation. This is a systemic constellation with a special representative for the nature re-source.And we will show you how to make a liquid essence of your chosen  place that you can bottle and take home with you.

Our life here is centred around our horses. Horses have an unfettered instinctive free movement in sensitive response to life within their herd and life around it.You will participate in two further unique experiences drawing on this. One is a horse constellation – a constellation [Same link as previous] with the horses as representatives to intuit and energetically release something that is stuck in your life.The other is a guided attunement with the horse herd. We lead you to become, in a sense, a guest of the herd, feeling from moment to moment your place and your movement in relation to the horses. Since the horses are entirely in the present moment, you are yourself delightfully assisted into your natural place in the here and now.

All of this is supported and integrated with daily meditations chosen to suit you.

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