Body Therapy

Your body is the key to your life but the connection with the body has been lost through trauma and the stressful way we manage our day-to-day lives.

My body-therapy focusses on unlocking the hidden power and love that lies unclaimed in your body. Methods used include deep breathing, guided meditations, movement, free dancing and trauma release exercises.

In these workshops you can find out who your body is without the social and parental voices which tell you who should be and should not be. So that you can be alive – really, really alive in your body.

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Body Types Training

In daily life situations of intimacy, family life and work our bodies constantly send us messages which we do not hear or recognise.

In this experiential training I teach body reading as a means to connect more effectively, more deeply, and with clearer understanding to those essential body messages. Participants learn body reading through the body types as originally developed from the pioneering work of Wilhelm Reich by Alexander Lowen.

If you work with people this will help tune your intuition to the deepest underlying needs and issues, which your clients can’t verbalise.

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Nature Retreats

Are you swept away by your everyday life, overwhelmed by situations, or feel you’ve lost yourself in daily routine? These retreats specifically focus on refreshing your spirit by deep and gentle engagement with the spirit of nature. They include nature constellations, horse constellations, meditation with the horse herd, and sessions with aromatic essences. There is also lots of time to enjoy the tranquil environment of Over The Edge farm. This place of wild nature and empty spaces is a perfect place to relax and turn your attention inwards.


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Star Sapphire

Star Sapphire supports the evolution of a person by exploring the essence of the inner male and female polarities in a unique way. These are often very different from what we imagine them to be. It works to harmonise three important interlinked areas of life; work, relationship and meditation. Star Sapphire treats these three areas as an interdependent circle, and repairs any broken link in one area that is negatively impacting the other two.

This is both subtle energy work and practical problem solving. Star Sapphire influences the work I do in every context.

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Women’s Groups

So often, as women, we spend our time giving to other people. My women’s workshops are a space to take that same love, that same givingness, and give it to ourselves.

We learn to reclaim the wisdom that women have as a quality of being female… a wisdom that has lost its voice or lies unrecognised inside us.

When women come together a special kind of healing power is released that we can take back into our everyday lives.

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Communication from the Heart

We all want to communicate from the heart but rarely manage it as emotions and judgments get in the way. In this work we  look at how to say what we need to say and receive what others say with love. We look at how to remain connected even when our needs and those of the other person seem to be in opposition and discover a way of communicating which bridges separation and nourishes love in relationships and respect in the workplace.
This is based both on Marshall B.Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication and on Osho’s meditations for the heart.

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Family Constellation

The focus of my family constellation work, based on the inspirational method of Bert Hellinger, is to restore the hidden flow of love in our relationships, our family, our lives and essentially ourselves.

Unresolved issues that have been deeply buried in the unconscious are revealed and healed in this simple yet astonishingly powerful process.

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