Body Types & Body Reading Training


Our bodies reveal our lives. Their shape and proportion tell the hidden stories we unconsciously live our lives by.

In this training you will learn what your body is saying about you, what your clients’ are saying about them, and how to use body reading to make your existing work more profound. The Body Types approach is about healing splits in the soul and recovering our essence.

This work is normally only taught in specialised neo-Reichian therapy trainings.

Character structures

Body Types and Body Reading explores the pioneering work of Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen. Reich identified five basic character structures, based on chronic, unconsciously held muscular contractions that defend against neglect or trauma.
Young children are very sensitive and even ‘normal’ parenting can easily be experienced as traumatic or overwhelming. You’ll learn clear concepts of childhood development during these 10 days.

Freeing our essential aliveness

Lowen related the five types to particular body shapes. He found that emotional tension actually changes the shape of the growing body in direct response to deprivation of a child’s specific needs at a particular age.

When this happens, and it happens to most of us, we lose contact with certain aspects of our essence. This is sometimes referred to as a split in the soul. It can manifest in our personalities in many ways, and live in the body as tension, weakness, fat and even organ dysfunction.  Body Types and Body Reading works to free the vitality and joy we’re born with.

Each of the five body types has a ‘dark’ aspect – the pain and defence which it represents. But it also has a ‘bright’ aspect, the particular quality – such as trust or leadership – which is a hidden treasure, concealed behind the defence. By letting the ‘dark’ or traumatised aspect be seen in a loving setting, the bright side can begin to be expressed.

For Moumina and Agni, Body Types work is not about being damaged but about meeting our lost treasures; healing splits in the soul and recovering lost parts of our essence.

You will learn

  • To clearly recognise the type(s) each client falls into through body reading. (Note: talking therapists do the body reading during ordinary conversation, no need for the client to remove their clothes)
  • How to use it in your work to more directly help your clients transform
  • The essential qualities of each type and how you can best support their potential
  • Key patterns of how a client is likely to approach therapy and how they may respond as you work with them
  • The key issues each type needs to focus on, and the ones they’re likely to avoid
  • Talking therapists will explore strategies for working with each type of defence
  • Body workers will learn about specific muscle groups that hold tension, and how to work to release those.

Even for people who’ve done extensive therapy themselves, this work can shine surprising light on which of their actions, behaviours and life choices are flowing naturally from their essence, and which are effort-based or defensive.

The training is supported by daily meditation to make vivid the understanding that there is a place of pure presence inside each of us, beyond all character types.

Moumina and Agni create a loving and respectful atmosphere in which to feel and to relate from your truth. This work is profound.

Who can take part?

  • Psychotherapists, counsellors and talking therapists
  • Massage therapists, reiki practitioners, shiatsu therapists, rebalancers, and body workers
  • Those who are not therapists but who have done some personal development work, and who want to attend as a personal development intensive can do so, subject to an interview.

We will teach participants how to use this understanding to add to or deepen their existing way of working with people.  We will tailor the training to, so you can be sure that it will be relevant to you.

The group is held in English, without translation from November 14th to 24th 2018 South West Portugal
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